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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Ultimate Design For The Single Woman

You don't acquire to 40 old age of age without your just share of black human relationships - and I've had more than than my just share. I'm giving the whole concern a broad position from now on. After all, what make I necessitate a adult male for?

I've been of this sentiment for a twelvemonth now and there have got got been some modern times along the manner when, as much as it striving me to state it, I could have done with a adult male around.

There was the clip when the auto died and I had to take it to the garage by myself. Respective pathetic lbs later I came away with the feeling that I had been severely ripped off owed to my deficiency of mechanical knowledge.

There was the clip the true cat died and I had to bury her myself. Picking up the cold, stiff organic structure of something I loved so dearly should have got been a man's section (or a man!).

There's the juncture every Lord'S Day eventide when it come ups to putting out the rubbish. A adult male may be unmindful to bin juice but not me and having that poured all over my rug slippers is one of the more than gross things Iodine have got to set up with.

Spider catching now come ups down to me. Launching a java tabular array at the eight legged monster running across the sofa carpet is a small over the top I am told, but they didn't see the size of it!

Last night's incident involving a cork prison guard and a corked bottle of vino just tipped me over the border and I experience the demand to act. I pass the adjacent few hebdomads formulating my program to set an end to mine, and other women's singledom dilemmas.

I believe a new designing is called for. One that doesn't scratch, moan, snore, turn a suds abdomen and demand full powerfulness over the distant control.

I have got contacted a company that tin aid with my new merchandise design. At our first consultation, we sit down and discourse my idea, formulating a designing that my advisers believe we can eventually patent of invention and mass green goods with industrial designing adaptations.

A 3D mental image first produced demands a small work, I have got to say. A small bigger across the thorax please, a small leaner in the leg please. And for heaven's interest set a smiling on it or I might error it for the existent thing!

The company eventually bring forth a merchandise designing a small closer to what I have got in mind. It looks like a adult male and will be programmable for all the occupations a adult male can make without the socks to rinse and the random toenails left in the carpet.

The company industry my new theoretical account from metalwork. All he necessitates is the occasional oil and pass over with a soft cloth, none of this meat and two veg business. For all the petitions I am going to demand of this product, computing machine solutions are needed to be as flexible as possible.

Firstly my merchandise design, and I will be calling him Gerald from now on, will be programmed with a few key phrases. 'Yes dear' being the chief one, swiftly followed by 'wow, you look gorgeous' and 'no, you're mooch doesn't look large in that'. What else make I need?

General day-to-day activities are programmed into Gerald, bin days, wash day, ironing etc. Also indispensable is the necessary inbuilt tool chest for auto maintenance. Next is the added extras: the electronic bottle screw on the hand, trim sockets in the thorax for utmost ironing anywhere in the house and the other cushioning that tin be applied to the custody for ft massaging.

But my front-runner portion of Gerald's merchandise design? The closure switch. Man, this is merriment - I acquire Gerald to state me all the things I desire to hear while he massages away and I imbibe my wine. Then I take full complaint of the distant control and electric switch him off for the night. Perfect!

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