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Monday, June 09, 2008

Naughty jokes had most in stitches

If you like raunchy gags about alcoholic beverage and pornography, then you probably would have got loved Dave
Attell's stand-up comedy last nighttime in the Riffe Center's Washington Theatre.

For a small more than than an hour, the adjacent host of
The Gong Show (collective groan) reveled in the seamier side of life, and he had
most of the crowd along for the full ride.

Yet if one wiped down the many unmentionable spots and scrubbed up the language, you'd still have
a comic's amusing who can state a good joke.

Take this gap line, about our just city: "I like how you cats do a business district expression deserted. It's wish
I Am Legend rans into Autonomy City."

(Anyone who's played
Grand Larceny Car will LOL at that one.)

Attell jumped from subject to topic, but scattered among the naughty spots were a few gems:

"I was in Dubai recently. Dubai is the Vegas of the Center East. No, it isn't, because I've been
to Vegas, and Vegas is fun. I've had more than merriment at DeVry, and Iodine learned a trade."

"Drinking and drive is wrong, but imbibing and watching drive is (bleeping) fun."

"I like 'em fat and fresh … I love fat Peasant misses who worship the Satan and cheese."

"I lost a clump of money on Equus caballus racing the other twenty-four hours (at Belmont). Horse racing is the Amish

"How is it that you can acquire your most of import photograph (for a passport) processed at a CVS?"

His political wit was equally twisted, too, starting with, "Speaking of Pap smears, what do
you believe of Edmund Hillary Clinton?"

His lone ailment with Barack Obama was that he's too thin: "I don't desire him getting off the
plane to some Third World country, and they manus
him food." Attell thought Obama should pick the Burger King as his running play mate:
"That way, you'd acquire a reasonably priced meal, too. Then, McCain could acquire Jared from Subway."

There was a nod in Attell's stuff to getting older, touching on the awful colonoscopy,
changing his diet and not drinking and smoke as much. He also told the women in the audience (who
seemed to be in the minority) that their work force believe of them like the picture-in-picture characteristic on a
television: "You're the large picture, but they still have got that small image on."

Attell ended with one of his signature bits, in which audience members yelled out what they are
drinking, and he told them how their nighttime would stop (generally badly). He thanked everyone for
coming out on a Lord'S Day night: "Sunday is recovery twenty-four hours for a batch of people."

Craig Peters opened with a nice warm-up set with spots such as as having route fury in a funeral
procession, taking advantage of a free sample of Viagra, and this one-liner: "You cognize what I hate
about the Amish? Their Web site."

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Pre Memorial Day Musings

It is the twenty-four hours before Memorial Day and as happens many modern times during my days, ideas of WWII still surface. After so many old age I often inquire just how much of my memories are existent and how much unreal; I have got got decided there is some of both in most thoughts.

Memories that once made me waken at night, frightened and shaking, have passed; letting more than pleasant memories prevail. I recognize now that there were modern times in the Devil Dog Corp, and after, when I was a small nutty. The mental attitude of "don't give a damn" and "I can't decease until I am at least 40" have pretty much gone by the wayside.

The 'until 40' idea helped me immensely back then; however, the twelvemonth I turned 40 was a spot uncomfortable, especially when my new company auto that twelvemonth was a casket colored bronze. Are there a spot of superstitious notion in each of us?

Memories of state side duty during the latter years of warfare were good! Upon returning from the Pacific, Iodine had a 30 twenty-four hours furlough enroute to Camp LeJuene, N.C. I drop 'in love' four modern times beginning at Mare Island in San Francisco, then Los Angeles, Mineral Wells, Texas and Kinston, N.C. (Well, I have got already admitted to be nutty!)

A few hebdomads later, I wrote the same missive to each of the immature ladies, asking for them to forgive me for falling so quickly and only then coming to my senses. My thought at the clip was as I remember that falling in love, getting married and having children would somehow maintain me alive. Reading these now demoes me how very dense this thought was.

Money wasn't a job during my clip at Camp LeJuene. One all-nighter with die is a lawsuit in point where I ended up breaking my barrack and one adjacent door among which were 2 cats from Windy City who ran a gaming combine. It seemed I made just about every point I tried.

How much money? I haven't the slightest idea, but it was enough to pay for a nighttime in Kinston for any of the also-rans who could cram themselves into one of the five cab cabs I ordered. Steaks and booze, and what ever else anyone wanted. What a night!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How To Get Kids To Stop Swearing

Last calendar month a reader asked if I'd be willing to compose about children swearing. I must acknowledge the petition took me off guard initially, but I believe it's a great subject to see from a thought angle. Hitting the OFF button is one thing. Getting your children to appreciate how destructive non-stop curse is-to the powerfulness of language, to communication, and to personal and work relationships-is another thing all together.

My advice is to maintain this conversation going for awhile.

Stopping the Habit

In many respects, nixing the curse at place is one of the easier tasks. You can make this by 1) never curse around your children and 2) providing some deterrence to your child. "Fining" children coins or handles on the topographic point plant best. Don't allow it intensify into a large "I'm-disappointed-in-you" thing at the end of the day. In fact, mulct yourself too when you steal up. It assists your children see curse as a bad wont that's difficult for anyone to break.

The Curse Culture

You've heard the story: the more than than you hang around people who swear, the more you curse yourself. Let your children cognize that people sometimes acquire into the wont of curse because everybody at their school or occupation swears. However, that doesn't intend that it's acceptable or the norm. Explain how awkward it is to demo up somewhere, driblet a few pick curses and hear the sound of a pin dropping.

What Real Number Number Language Is For

Real linguistic communicating is for communication. The English linguistic communication includes about 180,000 words in current use (in improver to about 45,000 outdated words), about one-fourth of which are adjectives. That leaves of absence 45,000 adjectives in current use. When you experience like curse yourself, range for a brainsick adjective. Don't halt at "notably awful." Put some relish into it. Challenge the children to make the same. Notice what a deadening option curse is?

Privacy, What Privacy?

This is what I name the Facebook statement and it's one to utilize with teens. Many teens cognize that employers and college admittances military officers bank check out applicants' Facebook, MySpace, or Xanga pages to acquire an unvarnished expression at them. What would go on if these folks eavesdropped on your teen's conversations? (If they're on YouTube, they may be doing it already). Yup, curse is right up there-along with filth and bad judgment-as A manner to acquire yourself dumped from the short list.

Sticks and Stones

Probably the greatest lesson of all. Words make matter-they make ache and they can kill-trust, self-esteem, relationships. Let your children cognize that calling person a curse word word is not only offensive, it aches them too.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Taking Kids Out To Dinner? It's An Education

California principal Jacqueline Sanderlin picked up the tab. And not for books or educational toys. She picked up the check for dinner because she decided that "exposure is the cardinal to education."

And it wasn't just any dinner either. She bussed seven pupils who'd been participating in her after-school etiquette programme to one of the swankiest eating houses in Beverly Hills--Lawry's The Prime Rib. They sat at Table 46.

Not bad, considering that children at Saint George American Capital George Washington Carver Elementary in Arthur Compton measure up for free luncheons the remainder of the year.

Sanderlin's definitely on to something. Dining is not only a great socializing experience for your kids, it's education in the broadest sense. Let the critics kick about children and babes taking over eating houses (which they do, loudly, of late). Instead, let's number the ways that dining out measure ups as learning.

The neat material on the table
The glasses, the cutlery, the tabular array linens. You desire to monster out and state the children not to touch anything, right? Don't make that. Look at what's on the tabular array and pick up whatever is unbreakable. Touch it and bend it around. The children at Lawry's noticed how heavy the cutter was. See any butter curls? Ask your kid to calculate out how they were made.

Toast each other
Once H2O arrives, chink your spectacles for a toast. Your children may be interested to larn that toasting started in Ancient Greece. The toaster would always take the first nip to turn out that the drink was not poisoned! Toasting each other agency wishing each other good luck and good health.

The linguistic communication of food
Looking at the bill of fare with children can open up up a new world. Read the words together and sound out those in other languages, and ask for your kid to reiterate them. If you cognize the language, you could also translate. Tiramisù, for example, intends "pick me up" in Italian, referring to the caffeinated chocolate and java in that yummy dessert.

Ask and learn
Encourage your kid to inquire inquiries about the nutrients on the bill of fare and inquire the server inquiries as well. If you dine at off-peak hours, staff are often willing to state you more than about the dish, its history, and how it's prepared.

Offer new flavours
There isn't a better manner to present children to new nutrients than to have got them prepared by person who really cognizes what he or she's doing in the kitchen. Once dinner arrives, offering little samples of the dishes to each other. I was searching for hummus today at our local grocery shop store but I happened to be intercepted by person offering samples of bean curd dip. Guess which one Iodine chose in the end--just because she offered it.

You already cognize the regulations about keeping children occupied when you dine (paper, crayons, portable games, cards). But distraction isn't the lone method of keeping children happy in a restaurant. Next clip you're cook to splurge, choice a topographic point where you can drop your dentition into the experience. Your children will retrieve it.

The children from Saint George American Capital George Washington Carver certain did.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Helping Troubled Teens At Home

Troubled teens necessitate a good place environment with regulations and structure. It is very of import to have got bounds and regulations in order to assist troubled teens develop and turn properly. Without regulations there can be no control in your home. Rules should be placed in any home, whether with a troubled teen or not. Homes that have got troubled teens necessitate to put more than defined and structured rules. This is the key.

When you are setting these more than defined rules, you should do multiple degrees of bar to assist your troubled teen. A good illustration is when the rule, don't make drugs is in place. This regulation is too wide and is not specific. Helping troubled teens necessitates specifics. Interruption it down by making regulations about who they hang out with, what sorts of things they are doing with their friends, where they are permitted to go, and when they can or cannot go.

Having specific regulations put in topographic point is only half of the job. Once you have got these rules, you necessitate to acquire your troubled teen to follow with them. In order to assist troubled teens follow with the rules, four chief things must be in place. They are:

1. Your troubled teen must clearly understand the regulations that have got been set.

2. The regulations must be monitored effectively.

3. The regulations necessitate to be continually enforced.

4. Effective effects must be used when a teen makes not comply.

If these four guidelines cannot be met when trying to implement the rules, it will be extremely hard to accomplish success. Helping troubled teens depends on your ability to be consistent and specific. Being consistent is one of the hardest things when trying to assist troubled teens, but it is one of the most of import concepts. If a troubled teen is expected to follow the rules, their parents should be able to follow through and lodge to them.

The effects you take to set in topographic point demand to be strong. If they are not then the troubled teen will most likely just disregard them and not follow with any of your rules. They necessitate to cognize that you are serious and will make what you state you will do. Knowing how to assist troubled teens is only confusing when the parent is not ready to be consistent with their child. Parents can assist their teens defeat the many obstructions that human face them. It just takes construction and consistency.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

The Professor was huffy at me. We had agreed to ran into at 8 Prime Minister to subscribe an of import agreement. My hold led to delay of the meeting.

"What in heaven's name happened to you?"

It was a mild reproach that nevertheless made me experience bad and reconfirmed my reluctance to have got dinner with my television manufacturer friend who insisted on having the infernal silver screen on during the meal. Instead of serving dinner at a nice hr as he and his married woman usually do, this clip they had an of import invitee other than me. It was the usual Mogul whose generous pockets would shortly finance one of my friend's television ventures.

The repast was not bad except that the silver screen showed in all its wretchedness that popular programme "Dancing with the Stars"! I could not believe of an alibi drastic adequate to acquire up off the tabular array and haste into the eventide traffic. I suffered in silence.

"What was so awful about having the programme Dancing with the Stars as dinner background? " Asked the Professor.

"Well, for one thing, dance is the incorrect term. When you have got got a couple of great jocks that seemingly have been starched inside and out ,that move in spasms, gyrations, stiff bends and sequences with a lower limit of saving grace and beauty, no great repast is going to cut down the hurting and revulsion."

"Tell me more' he urged.

"Dance is or should be a blend of rhythm, beauty and music, not a acrobatic exhibition performed by people who believe that keeping a automaton attitude, a stiff dorsum and an unreal sense of coordinated motion, they are performing a dance!"

I paused for a minute and then declared:

"Our adjacent president would make well to forbid these specs to take place. They are anti-American, attempt against the laws of inertial navigation, gnaw the sense of naturalness, chemical equilibrium and saving grace of our young person and gives the United States the mental image of a state that promotes its people to withstand gravitation and wear uncomfortable shoes!"


Saturday, March 29, 2008

10 Ways to Tell You're Getting Older

A amusing thing happened to me when I turned forty. I noticed hair growing out of my ears. At first, I didn't pay much attending to it, but as the hebdomads went by, it began looking like spiders were trying to creep into my head.

With much resistance, I decided to pare the hair with a little brace of scissors, but it kept growing back, thicker and darker. Thoughts of hiring a professional lawn service to keep this unsightly growing came to mind. Then person suggested "electrolysis." (From the Grecian "electro" significance some kind of electricity and "trolysis" significance hurting like hell.) This was not an option I wanted to explore.

So, I've decided to chalk it up to getting older. Let's human face it, no 1 desires to acknowledge that they are getting old, so I've adopted the new phrase "getting older". Getting old sounds so cold and rigid, but no 1 can deny that we are getting older. Getting aged just have a nicer more than appreciated quality about it.

So, how makes one cognize if they are getting old(er)? Here are 10 certain fire ways:

1. You're spending more than and more clip in the Clairol aisle.

2. You maintain flipping through the channels looking for Lawrence Welk.

3. You got your last monocle prescription from the Erythroxylon Coca Genus Cola Bottling Company.

4. Seventy per cent of your conversation includes you shouting the word "What?!!!

5. You believe the new up and coming amusing is Shecky Greene.

6. Drug maltreatment intends taking two stool softeners.

7. You've spent five proceedings standing in the kitchen trying to retrieve what you went in there for.

8. Those Depends commercial messages have got been catching your eye.

9. Your closet includes either achromatic shoes, achromatic belt, or both.

10. Getting up three modern times a nighttime no longer have to make with sex.

I trust this helps. Base On Balls this on to five of your friends, or household members that you experience are getting old(er). Iodine cognize I am, passing this on, that is, if lone I can retrieve their names.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Advice For The June Groom

I saw my first redbreast of Spring yesterday... two cats held up a Seven-Eleven. (Rim shot.)

But, yes, it is Spring and that agency bright sunshine, colourful flowers and a immature man's fancy bends to... baseball. Just kidding. I mean, love. And what follows love, but engagements. And what follows engagements, but marriage. And what follows marriage, but fighting over control of the television remote.

This twelvemonth there will be more than June brides than June bugs. Women are lucky in that they usually have got a prenuptial treatment with their female parents about what to anticipate out of marriage. Work Force have got a prenuptial treatment about what to anticipate out of a marriage, too. It's called the unmarried man party.

That's why I would wish to utilize this column to counsel the immature men, about to do that of import step, of the pitfalls and trip wires to avoid.

First of all, there are two very of import magic words you must larn before we continue. Those words are, "I'm sorry." Learn them. Practice them in presence of a mirror. Saying these two words, convincingly, can intend the difference between being served your favourite dinner and a bowl of Kibbles 'N Bits.

At work, you may be the 1 who make all the of import decisions, but once you go through through the portals of your domicile, your determinations don't intend squat. To avoid confrontations and a series of bickers that volition only stop in you having to state the two "magic" words anyway, leave of absence the determinations to her. She will appreciate you for having adequate assurance in her determination devising and you won't have got to worry about where she hid your underwear. (Besides, you'll acquire used to sleeping in a fuchsia sleeping room with periwinkle slipcovers and a hot pinkish canopy.)

Just like you, wives travel through different alterations in moods. However, even if you lived together for 40 old age before getting married, you will never see all the tempers that they travel through. Taking an educated guess, I would have got to safely state that there are only about 16 proceedings a calendar month that your married woman won't desire to take a powerfulness tool to one of your limbs.

Another thing to maintain in head is... you're wrong. Accept that fact. You are never right. If the sky is blue, you're wrong. If tomorrow is Friday, you're wrong. There's another phrase you may desire to begin practicing. "You're right, dear." In fact, if you compound the two phrases that you have got been taught, ("I'm sorry. You're right, dear.") effectively, many a nighttime on the couch with a springtime jabbing you in the dorsum can be avoided.

Be prepared to be made to look like an incompetent sap at any time. If you go forth the bath mat on the flooring after taking a shower, you will be notified. If you go forth the bath mat on the flooring a 2nd time, she will personally come up down to your topographic point of work, with bath mat in hand, point to it, and in her most arch voice say, "Did we bury something today?"

There is a manner of not doing housework, but it takes pattern and being able to look foolish with a sincere look on your face. Let's say you've been assigned to make the laundry. Wait for her to catch you burden the washer with Whites and a stack of bluish socks and inquire her if you should utilize hot water. She will immediately force you to the side and state you, "You don't cognize what you're doing." In which case, your response will be what? Correct. "I'm sorry. You're right, dear." This volition be an first-class chance for you to catch the athletics subdivision of the newspaper and caput to the "library." (Just remember, the eyelid must be down when you finish. Better known as the Eleventh Commandment.)

Well, got to go. My married woman just walked by and gave me THAT look. It can only intend one thing. After making my sandwich for luncheon today, I must have got got left my knife on the counter instead of washing, drying and putting it away.

So, maintain in head these simple regulations and you, too, will have a matrimony made in Heaven. "What's that? The knife travels in the silverware drawer and not on the counter? I'm sorry. You're right, dear."

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Home Repairs for the Novice

I'm not exactly what you would name handy. In fact, I am to place improvement what Mr. Deoxythymidine Monophosphate is to Victoria's Secret. I necessitate an nightlong infirmary stay if I try to take the India rubber set from around a newspaper. (I've almost set my oculus out twice.)

My deficiency of mechanical art is known throughout the countryside. The borough that I dwell in have requested that I use for a permit, if I try to construct a sandwich.

My father was the 1 who was blessed with these skills. He could work on the household car and have got it running in the morning, fix a broken hay profligate on the dorsum of the tractor in the afternoon, put in new electrical mercantile establishments in the trim room by twilight and then turn around and do a Magyar Goulash that would do a indigen Budapestian transmigrate to our kitchen. And, he'd make it all in one day. (Let's see him compose a one-half hr specification book for "Everybody Loves Raymond.")

Still, I would love the ability to construct or fix something and not have got to fill up out an coverage claim form. For instance, I tried replacing the float in the lavatory army tank in the invitee bathroom. Without getting into too many details, people who see us now, and usage the invitee bathroom, have got the alone chance to see, first hand, how a pool litter operates.

Last year, we had a Nor'easter and respective herpes zoster were blown off our roof. I replaced them the twenty-four hours before a major blizzard in March. After the storm, all the herpes zoster I replaced, (using no less than twenty nails in each shingle) were still there. However, all the shake surrounding them were gone.

I also attempted to put in a lavatory paper holder in the invitee bathroom. Sixteen electric drill holes in the wall later, I discovered how much easier it was to go forth the loose axial rotation of t.p. on the vanity.

My lame fix efforts became known as "The Curse Of The Guest Bathroom." Sir Leslie Stephen King is planning on authorship the screenplay.

Now that I've put you up, and have got given you some background on my manual dexterity, it is clip to state you of my ultimate challenge.

No 1 looks to cognize how a bit in the porcelain, the size of Camden County, got in the invitee bathroom sink. My girlfriend denies any cognition of it. And every clip I oppugn the two cats, they indicate their paws at each other in an accusative fashion.

So, when my girlfriend said, "We necessitate to replace this sink." I immediately volunteered for the job. After approximately twenty proceedings of my girlfriend laughing uncontrollably, I explained that I needed to interrupt "The Curse Of the Guest Bathroom", I needed to turn out that I could make it and I needed the arm and leg I would have got been charged had I hired a plumber. It was just something I had to do. Man pitted against plumbing. Infectious Mononucleosis Gold Mono.

I entered the bathroom wearing a fully loaded tool belt, a difficult hat, dark goggles, and retention a big tobacco pipe twist in each hand. ROBOPLUMBER!!!

First, I removed the old sink. This was the sink that originally came with the house. I discovered that detergent builders be given to utilize the cheapest class stuffs when edifice a house. (The adjacent less class sink, in this case, would have got been a fluent watercourse and a rock.)

The true true cats hid under the bed, as I removed the hardware from the old sink and attempted to set them (the hardware, not the cats) on the new one. NOTE: It's advisable to retrieve how the hardware came off, so that after installing the hardware on the new sink, you don't have got 10 or twelve other pieces left over.

The perspiration began pouring from my brow as everything I tried to make went wrong. The bathroom began looking like a scene out of The Three Stooges' "A Plumbing We Will Go." I had ideas of, after completing the job, turning on the faucet and my neighbor's lavatory flushing.

I'm proud to state that, eventually, the sink was installed and aquiline up. The hot H2O came out when the hot H2O faucet was turned on. The cold H2O ran when the cold H2O faucet was activated. This was all complete in one afternoon with lone two Band-Aids, A alteration of clothing and thirty-seven expletive deletives. The "curse" had been broken.

Now, weren't we talking about adding on another room?

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Medifast For Teens Or Kids? My Modified Version That Has Worked

Let me let on right upfront that I am not a doctor, but I have got lost almost 50 lbs on medifast. A couple of calendar months ago, I was approached by a coworker who had three pretty corpulence children, who frankly were approaching being obese. After seeing my results, and noticing that I'd been able to eat bite type foods, my coworker wanted to cognize if medifast could work for her children and her adolescent daughter.

There's not much information available on using the medifast diet on children or teens and I knew that children are still growing so it probably was not a good thought to severely curtail or restrict their calories. But I also knew that some of this diet's nutrients are very carb and bite like, and I knew that she was having problem controlling the bites that her children ate. In particular, the children were very affectionate of debris nutrients and candy.

A visible light bulb went off in my head. I figured maybe we could begin with just encouraging the children to eat a medifast bar, pudding or shingle when they reached for a debris nutrient snack. In essence, we were trading the high sugar, high gram calorie candy parallel bars and fast nutrients for something equivalent from the diet's offerings. Since these children snacked respective modern times per day, we were saving a batch of calories this way. Initially, we left their regular repasts alone, just using medifast as bite substitutes. We ordered one assortment bundle (and are getting ready to tell another) and this lasted us a good while and was not much more than expensive than debris food.

The children handled this pretty well. Luckily, most of the medifast bite nutrients are really good, so it was not a large stretch to eat a protein barroom rather than a candy barroom or medifast pudding or crackers rather than chips. We always made certain we took the nutrient out of the negligee so they didn't have got to walk around advertisement they were eating diet foods.

The children started to see some consequences after lone a few weeks. As their enthusiasm increased even more, we decided to see if we could replace more than than of their day-to-day empty calories with medifast. However, we were very careful not to curtail their calories or nutrient choices. Basically, we added one medifast component at every repast and had them eat that in improver to and before their regular meal.

For case for breakfast we would offer them medifast burgoo or eggs to start. They would eat that and then if they were still hungry they could eat their regular sugary cereal grass breakfast if they wanted. For lunch, they'd have got the diet's soup or chili con carne before they dove into the pizza pie or burgers. (We'd pack this in a thermos bottle so no 1 knew they were eating diet food.) And we started preparing thin and greenish repasts for dinner. We still allow them eat a spot of their regular favourite nutrients at dinner, but just not nearly as much.

What we hoped would go on did. The children got filled up on medifast so they didn't eat as much of their debris and low quality nutrients and they go on to see really dramatic results. The teen is now able to ego modulate what she eats and have cut out a batch of junk. We still don't let them to trust solely on the diet for their calories. That may be too drastic for kids, but the teen in peculiar is now making really good picks with the nutrient that she eats in improver to medifast.

I believe the ground this worked is because the medifast bite nutrients are really dainty and child friendly and we never restricted what the children ate. We never told them they couldn't have got anything. We just had them eat medifast first. We were adding nutrient instead of taking it away, but by doing this, they were actually eating less bad nutrients because they were filling up on medifast.

I would never advocator replacing medifast for a child or teen's entire caloric intake. However, in this case, substituting the diet's nutrients for debris nutrient bites or mediocre nutrient picks have been quite effectual and much easier than I thought. My coworker is very thankful and is now on medifast herself.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Art Activities For Kids

All children are artists, while some develop their accomplishments to great extents others merely acquire past the first level. Hence it is all up to parents to promote their children towards art.

In Republic Of India fine fine art is given equal importance along with other subjects. In fact it is one of the of import topics in school with simple diagnostic tests held to sort pupils to the adjacent level. But it all gets with the involvement developed at a legal tender age. You can stir your kid by bringing him or her wax crayons and colour pencils to get with.

Once they can manage a brush, gift them H2O colors and go forth them free to paint what they want. Bash not have got any outlooks from your kid as it defuses their interior strength. You can sit down along with your children while image and pull a different picture altogether. So if your child is drawing scenery, you pull human figs and usage completely different colours. Bash not compare their drawings with anyone it discourages them for the adjacent time. You can add some exhilaration to fine art activities for children by taking them outdoors. Let them take in fresh air and acquire some fresh ideas.

Paper trade is also a great fine art activity. You can set up your child's originative on the walls or in the showcase, so your small 1 experiences proud of his or her creation. This promotes them to acquire better and work harder. Cane is also a great weaver and can be crafted into vases, handbaskets and small creations. Girls can be taught knitting and crochet, soon they can acquire expert and gain an other income by designing blouses, frocks and bed sheets which are always in demand. Boys too can be taught basic short and long stitch, hemming and button stitching so they can be independent when they turn up.

Building blocks and creating figs from clay are also a merriment fine art activity. It develops the kid and allows them flex the head the manner they desire it. This activity also constructs the logic and common sense in a child. He is able to understand what suits into what and how a basic construction should look.

Organizing fine art related games peppinesses up the ambiance for your kids. You can name in the vicinity children and have got a subject for the competition. It should be a friendly competition with no twines attached. And if you do not desire to make clean up the messiness once it's done, then make it clear at the beginning that the children will have got to be a portion of the cleaning, after the competition.

Invention is the babe of new ideas and if you allow your children travel wild with their thoughts, then they too acquire inventive. Let them to do their ain playthings by using different parts of other toys. Brand a frock out of a newspaper. Trade a taper or do woolen friends. Rich Person you ever thought what you can do out of jar lids. Let your children travel wild with thoughts like, taper holder, whirling wheels, tops, caps and more. In fact the possibilities are eternal with points that have got multiple uses. So think of an point and allow your children acquire introduce with their fine art ideas.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Howard Stern Getting Uncensored

Once the male monarch of over the air daze radio, Leslie Howard Stern is now available lone on Dog Star radio. Leslie Howard Stern's move helped do Dog Star more competitory with its head rival XM radio. If you were to subscribe to Dog Star only for the Leslie Leslie Howard Stern radiocommunication show, make you believe it would be deserving the cost?

You would if you like Howard stern. For right around 50 cents a day, you can have got the Leslie Howard Stern show on Dog Star for four hors every day. The show characteristics irreverent and, in some cases, off the charts funny, wit that volition maintain you in stitches. Whether you bask hearing Artie Lang talking about his many addictions, or pornography stars talking about their careers, there is never a dull minute on the Leslie Leslie Howard Stern show.

One of the best things about the Howard Stern show being available lone on Dog Star is that the show doesn't confront the same kinds of examination and pressure level to maintain things clean. Leslie Howard can be as raunchy as he desires to be, deeply entertaining, and never too serious. The deficiency of having censoring to the Leslie Leslie Leslie Howard Stern show on Dog Star supplies a certain freedom that Howard and his invitees wouldn't experience if they were still on traditional over the air radio.

Obviously, if you're set off by disgusting language, raunchy subjects of discussion, and blatantly honorable talking about everything from sexual activity to intestine movements, the Howard Stern show on Dog Star is not going to be for you. In fact, if you didn't care for the Leslie Leslie Howard Stern show when it was broadcast on tellurian radio, you probably won't care for it on Sirius, because this version of the show is more than than than raw, more edgy, and, frankly, just more Howard than the former embodiment of the show. But, if you liked Leslie Leslie Howard Stern before, you are probably going to love him even more than on Sirius.

Another large fillip of the Howard Stern show being sole to Dog Star artificial satellite radiocommunication is the fact that there are just six proceedings of commercial messages each hour. This makes an incredible flowing to the show that you just didn't wager when Leslie Howard was on traditional radio. All of these things together add up to an A+ reappraisal of the Leslie Howard Stern show on Sirius.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kids Come in All Shapes and Sizes (And So Do Their Beds) - Overview of Different Kinds of Kids Beds

Every child is different, and no two children have got exactly the same demands and desires when it come ups to where they rest their aweary small caputs at night. As a parent, it's important you understand the differences between the assorted sorts of kid's beds so that you can do the right pick for you and your child's best night's sleep.

Two for One - Bunk Beds

Though there are many different types of feed bunk beds as well, the general thought of all of them is two beds stacked one atop the other. A ladder on the side or end of the bed lets the kid sleeping in the upper feed bunk safe entree up and down. You can easily shoot the alone personality of each of your children into their feed feed feed bunk bed by giving them each their ain alone bedclothes befitting of their taste sensations and interests.

An interesting fluctuation on a criterion bunk bed is a single-over double, or a bunk bed with a single bed on top and a dual bed on the bottom. A futon feed bunk bed have got a futon bed for its less half.

Bunk beds are perfect space-savers for sibs sharing the same room or children who have tons of sleepover guests. The upper feed feed bunk in a bunk bed should only be used by children 6 old age old and older.

The Ultimate Space-Saver: Potato Beds

For little rooms, the perfect space rescuer is a Potato bed - a bed that you can stow away into the wall when it's not in use. With a Potato bed, you can easily add drama space and/or survey space to any children sleeping room no substance your space limitations.

An Elegant Touch: Canopy Beds

Installing a canopy over a child's bed not only adds a feeling of extravagance and degeneracy to the bed (and the whole room, for that matter), but it also be givens to do some children experience safer sleeping alone in their rooms. A canopy bed supplies an component of shelter and a sense of protection for children prostrate to dark anxiety.

Baby Steps Up to Toddler Beds

If you believe that your child is ready to do the passage away from a cot but is not quite ready to do the leaping to a large kid's bed, you might happen yearling beds the perfect mediator solution. Toddler beds are typically less to the flooring than standard beds, making it easier for little children to safely and securely climb up in and out. Other characteristics of yearling beds

include scratch-proof coatings and curved corners.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Teens 6 Pack Abs - 4 Tips On How Teens Can Achieve A Great Looking Tummy

Having the perfect pot is what most ego witting teens desire in todays society. Whether its because they are a small over weight and desire to lose a few pounds, or whether its because they desire to accomplish and keep a tantrum and healthy body, teens with 6 battalion ABS are witting about having this type of asset. In this article, I will discourse some of the more than of import exercisings and tips for teens to accomplish their end in getting that perfect tummy.

There are many methods in which teens can accomplish this goal. Some methods volition accommodate you and some will not. It is simple a lawsuit of trying these methods to seeing what works best for you. Below is an exercising and some tips to seek out for yourself.

1. Crunches -

This is probably the more than common exercising you will come up across when looking to acquire 6 battalion abs. This is what you necessitate to do. First, you necessitate to lie down on the flooring with your finger tips touching the temple subdivision of your head. Then as you breath in, left your shoulder and upper dorsum towards your legs about 6 ins off the floor. You will experience an uncomfortable tightening on your tummy area. This is your abdominal musculuses country getting exercised. Then breath out as you slowly convey your upper dorsum and shoulder to the place you originally had them

Repeat this exercising a figure of modern times until you experience the demand to halt and take a break. I would propose that for your first attempt, that you take for 10 repetitions in one session before you take a break. Then you can reiterate that session 10 modern times with small time intervals between each one. If you accomplish this, you will have got done 100 crunches! This volition normally take anywhere between 20-30 proceedings depending on the people current degree of fitness. This is a great exercising and by doing this alone volition aid you accomplish a 6 pack.

2. Try not to eat bad fats -

Eating the incorrect sort of fatty nutrient will seriously have got got a bad affect on all of your difficult work from
the crunches you have been exercising with. We necessitate fats to remain alive, but there is large difference
between good fats and bad fats. If you desire to keep the six battalion you work difficult on, you necessitate to do certain that you are not eating saturated fats. Saturated fats come up in all word forms of fast nutrients like McDonald's and burger King to call a few. So mind of your consumption on saturated fat. The less the consumption the better.

3. Eat more than nutrients that incorporate protein -

If you are serious about edifice your six battalion abs, you will have got to eat nutrients that are rich in
protein. Protein is a proved musculus builder. It can be establish in such as nutrients like fish, meat and the
achromatic portion of the egg. Protein is first-class for boosting your 6 battalion abs.

4. Stay clear of alcoholic beverage -

As a teen its alluring to imbibe alcohol! However, by doing so will damage your intestine and it diminishes
the clip it takes for you to derive a 6 pack! You see it is impossible for your liver to metabolize fat
and alcoholic beverage at the same time. Your liver will first acquire quit of the toxic matter which is alcoholic beverage
first. The alcoholic beverage will ache musculus growing and so it is a negative facet to have got if you desire to
flatten your abdominal muscles. For us men, it will also less our testosterone degree also.

If you can take these tips and techniques I have got shown you, you will do a good start at achieving the pot you want. However, there is more than than to the puzzle, read about a professional trainer with over 13 old age of experience that have got aid 10's of one thousands of people in more and 100 states human race broad accomplish the 6 six battalion they have always wanted! For more than info, chink on the golf course below.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Ultimate Design For The Single Woman

You don't acquire to 40 old age of age without your just share of black human relationships - and I've had more than than my just share. I'm giving the whole concern a broad position from now on. After all, what make I necessitate a adult male for?

I've been of this sentiment for a twelvemonth now and there have got got been some modern times along the manner when, as much as it striving me to state it, I could have done with a adult male around.

There was the clip when the auto died and I had to take it to the garage by myself. Respective pathetic lbs later I came away with the feeling that I had been severely ripped off owed to my deficiency of mechanical knowledge.

There was the clip the true cat died and I had to bury her myself. Picking up the cold, stiff organic structure of something I loved so dearly should have got been a man's section (or a man!).

There's the juncture every Lord'S Day eventide when it come ups to putting out the rubbish. A adult male may be unmindful to bin juice but not me and having that poured all over my rug slippers is one of the more than gross things Iodine have got to set up with.

Spider catching now come ups down to me. Launching a java tabular array at the eight legged monster running across the sofa carpet is a small over the top I am told, but they didn't see the size of it!

Last night's incident involving a cork prison guard and a corked bottle of vino just tipped me over the border and I experience the demand to act. I pass the adjacent few hebdomads formulating my program to set an end to mine, and other women's singledom dilemmas.

I believe a new designing is called for. One that doesn't scratch, moan, snore, turn a suds abdomen and demand full powerfulness over the distant control.

I have got contacted a company that tin aid with my new merchandise design. At our first consultation, we sit down and discourse my idea, formulating a designing that my advisers believe we can eventually patent of invention and mass green goods with industrial designing adaptations.

A 3D mental image first produced demands a small work, I have got to say. A small bigger across the thorax please, a small leaner in the leg please. And for heaven's interest set a smiling on it or I might error it for the existent thing!

The company eventually bring forth a merchandise designing a small closer to what I have got in mind. It looks like a adult male and will be programmable for all the occupations a adult male can make without the socks to rinse and the random toenails left in the carpet.

The company industry my new theoretical account from metalwork. All he necessitates is the occasional oil and pass over with a soft cloth, none of this meat and two veg business. For all the petitions I am going to demand of this product, computing machine solutions are needed to be as flexible as possible.

Firstly my merchandise design, and I will be calling him Gerald from now on, will be programmed with a few key phrases. 'Yes dear' being the chief one, swiftly followed by 'wow, you look gorgeous' and 'no, you're mooch doesn't look large in that'. What else make I need?

General day-to-day activities are programmed into Gerald, bin days, wash day, ironing etc. Also indispensable is the necessary inbuilt tool chest for auto maintenance. Next is the added extras: the electronic bottle screw on the hand, trim sockets in the thorax for utmost ironing anywhere in the house and the other cushioning that tin be applied to the custody for ft massaging.

But my front-runner portion of Gerald's merchandise design? The closure switch. Man, this is merriment - I acquire Gerald to state me all the things I desire to hear while he massages away and I imbibe my wine. Then I take full complaint of the distant control and electric switch him off for the night. Perfect!

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How Teens Make Money Online For Voicing Their Opinions

The chances for teens to do money online have got increased tremendously with the outgrowth of online websites that wage them for voicing their opinions. If you've got an
sentiment about a website, then you can be paid for expressing it. Thousands of such as companies have got hit the market, which are quite acute to acquire to cognize what teens believe about
their products. Not only make they acquire paid for their opinions, they also acquire one thousands of gifts and awards in return.

Many companies develop merchandises that are targeted at teens and desire to cognize what teens think. In return, study takers may acquire one twelvemonth subscription to the merchandises that the
companies produce. All that one have to make is to subscribe up for a free account, make a member profile and share your sentiments with others on assorted products. Could it be any

For example, if a website desires to advance certain trade names of deodorant, it may inquire the teen members to take studies related to the products. In return, the teens may acquire free deodorants, perfumes, cardinal chains, cadmium holder, shopping go throughs or a new telephone and many other gifts. In fact, they may even acquire cash!

Some of the acquire paid study websites for teens offering merchandises related to travel, trades and hobbies, magazines, food, fashion, entertainment, cosmetics, wellness and beauty supplies, books, posters, and much more. Also, by taking studies in a broad scope of areas, one could easily gain money ranging anywhere from $2 to $125 per survey. Some land sites pay those who take the study an amount as high as $300.

The sentiments that are being voiced by teens about merchandises have got a very great impact on the companies' decisions. Depending upon the sentiments they receive, the companies take the necessary stairway to develop the products' characteristics and do improvements if required. Thus, the sentiments of the teens go very powerful and helpful tool to make up one's mind a company's direction.

When you subscribe up for such as study sites, you may be asked to make a new rank profile. After this, you may be sent a study through e-mail Oregon you may be able to take the
studies on the website itself. As soon as you finish that survey, you could be given another study to complete. This process goes on as long as you're a member of that

When taking surveys, it's very of import to be blunt and truthful. You should not experience hesitating to show your sentiment even if it's going to be a negative one. This is because the study is the lone agency for the companies to acquire to cognize which merchandises have greater demand. Also, it assists them to do up one's mind on the improvement factors that should be
considered in order to develop the merchandises further.

By taking these surveys, teens make money online and they also acquire opportunities to win free prizes, gifts and gift vouchers. Nothing could be easier than this! Get started with
studies right away and fall in the ranks of other teens making money online.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Independence Day Is A Fun Time For Families Everywhere And Can Be More Fun With Crafts

Many people love Independence Day because it is a merriment and exciting holiday. Kids especially love this vacation because of the fireworks. Bash you decorate your place for the holidays? Why not acquire the children involved and allow them assist decorate? They can make this by making crafts.

One Independence Day trade that they can have got merriment with and is easy is wax crayon scratching. You will necessitate to have got got wax crayons of all colours but it is very of import that you have a achromatic crayon, achromatic paper, paper cartridge holders or a used up pen. The children will necessitate to pull assorted designings on the paper. Brand certain they colour darkly with all of the colours that they use. Once the paper have got been all colored in you desire to have the children colour over the whole page with achromatic crayon. It is very of import that you have got the children fourth estate down difficult when they colour with the achromatic crayon. Once it is all colored the children can utilize the paper cartridge holders to abrasion out their ain fireworks.

Another 1 that all children will bask is torches for Independence Day. You will necessitate to have got old newspapers that you can revolve into a big cone shape. The children can paint the cones anyway they desire to. When it is dry they can set reddish and yellowish tissue paper into the cone so that it looks like flames. Then they can be the Statue of Autonomy and observe this vacation in a more than merriment manner for them.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Operation Pull Your Own Weight and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Kids

Four 4 old age at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Davenport Iowa Iodine designed, organized, coordinated, and promoted a childhood fleshiness prevention, ego regard sweetening programme called Operation Pull Your Own Weight. The programme was successful in a assortment of ways, and you can read about them in a assortment of places.

But for the record, there was one specific goal, 7 specific wonts that helped children attain their goals, along with one concluding challenge of which anyone aiming to reduplicate this programme should be aware. Without additional bustle here's the 1 goal, along with the seven habits, and the concluding challenge of Operation Pull Your Own Weight.

The Goal is to be a small stronger this hebdomad than you were last week, to be a small stronger this calendar calendar month than you were last month, and to be a small stronger this twelvemonth than you were last year. If you carry through this threefold goal, you'll go a victor in the game of life!

The 7 Habits that do children stronger every week, month, and twelvemonth include...

1. Exercise regularly

2. Eat right

3. Get adequate rest

4. Avoid tobacco

5. Avoid alcohol

6. Avoid drugs

7. Take duty for doing these things yourself because cipher else can make them for you. It's all up to you.

The Concluding Challenge: Once the seven wonts are incorporated into a kid's lifestyle, the concluding challenge is to assist two other children larn to draw their ain weight just like you now can. You'll be amazed at how strong beingness able to carry through this challenge do YOU feel!

An Challenging Sidebar

And possibly the most interesting fact is that when children use this 1 goal, these seven habits, and this concluding challenge to anything, including reading, writing, and arithmetic, they will go stronger every week, every month, and every twelvemonth in those areas, and victors in the game of life.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Proper Kids And Youth Training Essential For Safe ATV Riding

Patience, first of all, is required. Breathe in....breathe out. Good. Now make that 10 modern times and you're cook to revolve with the children and young person on your ATV preparation program. Americium Iodine stretching the truth a little? Sure, a little. But once you begin preparation your children on how to sit ATV safely and properly enough, you'll soon see that I am right on the stud for this one. It's great that quadruplet horseback riding have seen enormous growing over the old age and there are more than than and more people and children choosing to sit ATV at trails and paths alike. But there are still the minor grouses we have got to be concerned safety and how there's an alarming rise in the figure of accidents involving naïve children and foolhardy (and drunk) people on ATVs.

I've often thought of quadruplet horseback riding as a household activity....yes, and a agriculture one, and it never occurred to me that people could toss an quadruplet over in the air like those in the utmost athletics thing? Never! My father used to chase after cattle on ATVs and convey in the maize too...sheesh! But with so many people choosing them as their preferable vehicle of choice, it's important for people like me and you to give the children proper preparation on how to utilize their ATVs properly. The young person should, of course, wear proper protective statements about that one! They reason and I take the ATV away from them. Secondly, children and young person should only sit in popular, well-known and well-maintained trails and tracks. Those unsafe ones, we can go forth it for the grownups since we're in a better place to make up one's mind what to make when there are unexpected obstacles.

For a kid, I don't mind buying a trade name new ATV or a mini electricone like those Peg Peregos. They're not fast adequate or unsafe adequate to give me a relentless headache. For a youth, I don't mind getting the young person a second-hand 1 for a very good ground (provided the second-hand young person quadruplet is in batch condition)...youths are unsmooth animals and they botch the ATVs very quickly. For the acquisition curved shape bit, I would utilize a used young person quadruplet and then later on, when they go better at handling their young person model, I would put in a trade name new one....IF THEY ASK FOR IT. Where teens are concerned, I would rather put in a ATV preparation course of study too because I can only make so much to strike hard the regulations into his or her head. With a instructor and professional trainer, things are a small spot different.

Strange that children and young person would rather absorb the same information from a complete alien than learning from you, but if it works for them and the children and young person are willing to larn proper ATV horseback riding techniques from the Pro, then by golly, it works for me too!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Clues, Humor and National Anthem Information - OurSports Central (press release)

Manatees fans, most of our staff will be in Capital Of Tennessee attending
Baseball Winter Meetings until Friday of adjacent week. Our concern offices will
be open, however, business minutes will be limited. We will be
back at full strength on Friday, the 7th.

Going back to hoarded wealth's a couple hints to maintain you looking:

Number Two

If you're travelin' after tray

The Tropic headin' to northwest

Drawn out by DeLorme

88 prob'ly be yer the best.

Number Three
The figure be partly hidden now

By ornaments on th' wall

But th' figure ye'll happen somehow

Or the guard will do a call.

Many of you sent in some wit this week, so let's travel to the mail bag.

>From Texas:

I cognize the political commercial messages usually drive people nuts with the
mudslinging, but here's our ballot for the funniest presidential
commercial out there. Thank goodness person have a sense of humor:

>From Wisconsin:

Being that you're a Brewers Child League (Baseball) team, I wanted to
send you a Wisconsin River River (Cheesehead) diagnostic test to see if you and your staff
could relate.

Well, as a former Wisconsinite, I can nod my caput to most of the items
on the list, so yes, we'll forward them on to our readers for today's

YOU might be A Wisconsinite WHEN:

1. Your thought of a traffic jam is 10 autos waiting to go through a tractor on
the highway.

2. "Vacation" intends going up North past times Hwy 8 for the weekend.

3. You measurement distance in hours.

4. You cognize respective people who have got hit cervid more than once.

5. You often switch over from "heat" to "A/C" inch the same twenty-four hours and back again.

6. Your whole household have on Packer Green to Christian church on Sunday.

7. You can drive 65 miles per hour through 2 feet of snowfall during a raging
blizzard, without flinching.

8. You see people wearing disguise at societal events (including
weddings and funerals ).

9. You put in security visible lights on your house and garage and go forth both

10. You believe of the major nutrient groupings as beer, fish, and venison.

11. You transport jumper cablegrams in your auto and your married woman or girlfriend
knows how to utilize them.

12. There are 7 empty autos running in the parking batch at Mill's Fleet
Farm or Menard's at any given time.

13. You designing your kid's Hallowe'En costume to suit over a snowsuit.

14. Drive is better in the wintertime because the chuckholes are filled
with snow.

15. You mention to the Packers as "we."

16. You cognize all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still wintertime and
road construction.

17. You can place a southern or eastern speech pattern as soon as the
person gets speaking.

18. You have got no job pronouncing Lac Du Flambeau.

19. You see Minneapolis exotic.

20. You cognize how to polka and also cognize it's the state dance.

21. Your thought of originative landscape gardening is a statue of a cervid next to
your bluish spruce.

22. You were unaware that there is a legal imbibing age.

23. Down South to you intends Illinois.

24. A terror is something you eat.

25. Your neighbour throws a political party to observe his new pole shed.

26. You travel out to fish Fry every Friday night. More often than not
it's roost or walleye.

27. Your 4th of July field day was moved indoors owed to frost.

28. You have got more than statute miles on your snowfall blower than your car.

29. You happen minus twenty grades "a small chilly."

30. You actually understand these jokes, and you forward them to all
your Wisconsin River friends.

More from the mail bag:

What make I have got to make to execute the National Anthem at one of your games?

Good question. In fact, Seth Thomas Bell, the Director of Florida
Operations for the American Capital Nationals, visited us yesterday and was
inquiring about National Anthem vocalists for Spring Training. If you
know of person that would wish to execute the National Anthem this
year before either a subjects Spring Training game or a Manatees
game, have got him or her contact Seth Thomas Bell (for the Nationals) at (321)
633-9200 x2018 or Kyle Ian Smith (Manatees) at (321) 633-9200 x3007. Of
course, games are limited and duty assignment of which games depends on

What was the trade with the National Anthem on Monday night?

I assumed you're refrring to MNF's rainfall game...In mention to the
National Anthem being cancelled at Monday's NFL game in Pittsburgh due
to atrocious weather condition jobs and already delaying the start of the
game, a few fans asked what we would've done. First, here's an
excerpt from the Associated Press:

PITTSBURGH -- Oh, state can't you sing?

With the kickoff already delayed 25 proceedings by awful weather, and a
stadium filled with rain-drenched fans growing impatient for the
opening kickoff, the NFL skipped the national anthem before Monday
night's Dolphins-Steelers game. Every game in the four major American
pro athletics conferences traditionally begins with the anthem. But the NFL
rushed to begin the game because of the declining weather condition and
field conditions. The delayed start occurred after the teams' pregame
warm ups were close down because of lightning and heavy rain, a rarely
seen combination in Pittsburgh in late November. Players were not
allowed back onto the field and fans could not go back to their lower
level seating until nine proceedings before the 8:55 p.m. kickoff. Steelers
president Art Rooney two said the squad now wishes the anthem had been

"Due to the weather condition statuses that delayed the kickoff of our Monday
night football game game, a last-second decision was made to waive the
national anthem prior to kickoff," Rooney said in a statement issued
by the team. "In retrospect, the determination to call off the national
anthem was one that we regret. We apologise to our fans who attended
the game and pledge that it is a state of affairs that we trust will never
happen again."

Did you see the cardinal word above: traditionally.

Some people believe it's a law to get with the National Anthem, when
in fact the tradition didn't get until World War II.

I'm as loyal as the adjacent guy, but I'm torn about the National
Anthem. It's a British song that's sol hard to sing correctly
that most of us would never have got the nervus to acquire up in presence of the
crowd and execute it, including myself. Any volunteers? Call Thomas
Bell or Kyle Smith, their Numbers are listed above.

And yet baseball game is the most traditional athletics and tradition being
what it is, fans would travel nuts if it wasn't performed before every
game. However, I'm a larger fan of everybody reciting the Pledge of
Allegiance in stead of the National Anthem. Why? Because it's a
sacred vow. When you acquire married you don't hum the wedding ceremony march
because it's a song, you take a vow. When the President is sworn into
office he doesn't sing 'Hail to the Chief,' he takes a vow, an curse of
office. When you attest in tribunal you don't sing the Law and Order
theme song, you're sworn in with your manus on a Bible! An curse or
pledge is your direct testament and people justice you on your word, not
your ability to subscribe a song with a crowd.

I cognize everybody would recite the Pledge of Allegiance, but most
people make not sing along to the National Anthem because as singers,
well, we're horrible. C'mon, the first measure to recovery is
acknowledgment, like in my Classic Rock Music Addicts class: "My name
is Vaulting Horse Roentgen and I couldn't transport a melody if I had a forklift." There I
said it and I'm not emabarrassed. Join me, you too, can acknowledge you
can't sing and sooner or later person will acquire a motion started
where we can actually just recite the pledge and then have got a child yell,
"Play Ball!"

I'm not signing up for vocalizing lessons anytime soon, but I wouldn't
hesitate a 2nd every nighttime to travel to place plate and Pb the crowd
in the Pledge of Commitment and I cognize most of you wouldn't either.

Now, back to that rain-soaked nighttime in Pittsburgh. You asked, so here
goes: The field was already soaked and it wasn't going to acquire any
better. If you're going to play a three hr game, what's the big
deal over two more than minutes? The National Anthem takes between 1:23
and 1:28 to execute and you can run the performing artist on and off the field
in another 15 secs each way. If the NFL takes television time-outs
they really aren't concerned with clip or the field getting soaked
anyway, are they? There are millions of television dollars at stake, rainfall or
not. I would've had the anthem played, even if it meant the
computerized Chink FX version that every bowl have installed. I
wouln't have got tried to sing along, because I can't sing, but I would've
played it.

And lastly, the greatest peeve from every squad in America, and I mean
every sporting squad or particular event that is held is this: with
perfomring the National Anthem come ups the fact that there are those
that rehearse it one manner and then execute the drawn-out dance remix,
filthy shekels version at show clip knowing there is nil we can do
to halt them short of cutting off powerfulness to their microphones. I have
no musical ability, but I cringe when person crying it up. Especially when they believe they're on American Idol and that everybody
will love the flair.

I believe the National Athem should be played at ceremonials and held in
the peak regard, and only performed by those that understand the
meaning of the song and sing it the manner it was supposed to be sung. Forceful. Powerful.

Not personalized.

Here's a hint for those that execute the anthem: Cipher wishes it
trashed, so understand that the public presentation is not an hearing for
Simon, Paula and Randy. Just make it right. Remember Roseanne Barr's
performance in San Diego? Yeah...that's not something you want
following you if you're trying to hammer yourself a vocalizing career.

Three simple words: Pledge of Allegiance.

Next letter.

What's the position of the 2008 schedule?

It's done, approved, have been signed off upon and the conference has
granted permission to all squad to let go of it; we are sending it out to
the local mass media mercantile establishments today. The people in New York that tally baseball's
websites will have got it posted on our web land site very shortly. Those that
want a pdf version of our agenda emailed to them can direct an email
to In the topic line type the word
SCHEDULE in working capital letters and we'll hit it right back to you.

What make I necessitate to make to acquire my boy to be a Bat Boy?

We will carry on Bat Boy/Girl trials after the first of the year. Bat
Boys/Girls must be 14 old age of age, absolutely no exclusion to that
rule! Parents must supply a birth certification and transcripts will be
forwarded up the nutrient concatenation from squads to the League Office, etc. We
will have got got six Bat Boys/Girls this season so they can have clip off for
a personal life, household vacations, etc. We will denote a meeting
date for a Saturday in January in a hereafter newsletter, so delight pass
this information along to interested parties. It travels without
explaining that those people considering applying should not sign
up for springtime or summertime young person sports.

I have got some 2006 ST photographs taken at SCS: Nationals volts Orioles. Can
they be entered?

All photographs entered in our photograph competition must be Manatees-oriented
photos. The photographs can be taken anywhere as long as the topics are
wearing some sort of Manatees gear, or, they can be taken at a
Manatees game.

Can we electronic mail you to clear up a clue?

Hey, we answered all the humorour letters above. Just kidding. Absolutely, you can electronic mail us regarding clues. We will not give out
any other information, however, based on a hint we will clear up some
points that we experience demand explaining, especially if there is a safety
issue involved. In one of our former hoarded wealth runs I had one guy
email me asking on which buoy on the Indian River he should search. Now the coin was no where close a buoy and wasn't located anywhere you
needed a boat to reach, and at that point I informed the individual
that the coin wasn't on the river. We certainly didn't desire this guy
paddling or rowing out on a river all hours of the nighttime looking for a
coin, risking his safety. I didn't state him anything more, such as as he
was looking 20 statute miles away from the coin or anything that would be
helpful But be very clear with your requests. Our response to you
will be to only clear up a clue; you won't have any other help, so
be prepared for a very short reply without a batch of explanation.

We got Edward Kendall from the Cubs? What's up with that?

Ah, I like the usage of 'we,' which means, according to govern #15 the
Wisconsin thing above, that you're a true Cheesehead. I don't follow
all of the trades and minutes as closely as many of you do, but I
will state this: trust the Brewers scouting department. There's a guy
up in Milwaukee named Jack Zduriencik that have done his prep and
time and again he's been The Man. Jack's batting norm is pretty
darn good when it come ups to determination the right players.

On a side note, the Brewers also picked up Guillermo Mota. Mota used
to be a shortstop in the Mets organisation back in the 90s. He was
Plan V'd over to the Montreal Expos in December 96, I think, and was
converted to a pitcher. He wishes adust caramel/chocolate/coconut bars
on his off years while charting pitches in the stands. I cognize this
because in 1997 he mooched a pan of them on a regular footing from one
of our twenty-four hours of game employees in Fayetteville, NC. He liked her
cooking so much that he actually proposed to the college-aged woman. She turned him down because she wanted to complete college. I don't
know if she's kicking herself in the butt end for that, but he drop madly
in love with her and her cooking. I won't uncover her name but she
knows who she is. If she's reading this, direct the formula and we'll
include it in a hereafter newsletter.

Last comment, from the comic across the hall: How much Mountain Dew
did you imbibe today?

Too much.

We'll direct the adjacent electronic mail newsletter out from the Opryland Hotel with
an update from the Winter Meetings sometime adjacent week.

That's it for today. Rich Person a good weekend, everybody.

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The sentiments expressed in this release are those of the organisation issuing it, and make not necessarily reflect the ideas or sentiments of OurSports Central or its staff.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Win a Stand Up Comedy Talent Show

If you believe you are amusing and good at telling jokes, you could win a base up comedy endowment show. What's the first two of import ways to win:

1. Get an enactment that includes jokes, not just a twine of jokes

2. Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse

People are much more than willing to listen to a narrative than a joke. The narrative could be that old 1 that gets 'As I was coming to the club/pub/theater tonight....' but don't begin with those words.

Or it could be about something that happened to you on vacation, when you got stopped for speeding, when your mother-in-law came to visit, or whatever. The narrative necessitates to be full of jokes, but you can maintain the laughter coming.

Record your rehearsals

How make you rehearse? In presence of a mirror, while recording - preferably with the same kind of microphone you will have got on stage. That manner you acquire used to the mike, and you will larn what do the sound degree alter. If you desire to make it more than realistic, acquire some very powerful visible lights and set them where they indicate at you - just like being on stage.

How do you stand up out? Well., you can make a batch worse than wear some odd clothing - you are there to be amusing so why not look funny? You can also gesture in an odd manner or walk in an odd way. Bash something different - but do certain that your gags work.

You also necessitate a few fast ones of the trade to acquire your enactment going, and some aid with timing. I urge you confer with an expert for this, and one of the best I cognize are the Stand-up Comedy Fast Begin Usher and the Comedy Timing Secrets. Get this and you will have got a caput begin on the competition, and could well start a new calling by winning a Stand up Comedy Endowment Show.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pink - Like the Color

Yep, that's my last name - Pink. Let me add that it's my married last name.

When I first met my husband, we were on our first date. He mentioned that I hadn't even asked his last name yet. He said it was a color. I sarcastically said, "Fuschia". Little did I know I was so close...

When we got engaged, people that I worked with would just laugh when they found out my last name was going to be Pink. One guy even came up with a great joke:

"What nationality is Pink?" (I know you are dying to know this one....)


Ha ha.....Actually, when I ask my husband what nationality it is, he has no idea. I am guessing it's short for something like Pinkowski or something and when his family came to Elis Island, someone just shortened it.

As we approached our wedding day, I tried to talk my husband into taking my last name. I thought he would be thrilled. I mean, how manly is the last name "Pink"??? He wasn't having it. My sister-in-law told me that was one of the best things about getting married - losing the last name of "Pink".

I asked him if he got made fun of a lot as a kid with that last name. All he would say was that he spent a lot of time in the Principal's office. Go figure....

After we were married, I wouldn't wear ANYTHING pink. I hated the color.

We are easy to find in the phone book. You can imagine that there aren't a whole lot of other "Pinks" in the area.

What is most annoying is that when you tell someone that's your last name, they ask how to spell that. They think that there is some trick or something. Yeah, there's a "z" in there, but we don't pronounce that. To make things easier, when I tell someone my last name, I just automatically say, "like the color". People at work laugh when they overhear me saying that, but it's really just easier.

We have been married for 6 years now and have 2 girls (thank goodness). I now embrace the last name of "Pink". I love it. Even my husband appreciates it more now. We are going to get bowling balls for our league and he has mentioned getting a pink one too.

In closing, yes, my last name is Pink....Like the color.....

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Humor - Taking Your Jokes to the Next Level

Often as comedians we stop short in the humor writing process. We find the funny and move on. We walk away not realizing the gem that lies waiting just a breath away – that element that will take the joke from funny to genius. I can speak from experience because I've been stuck in a pattern of quitting too soon.

How do I know when I've stopped too soon? Usually my gut is telling me that I found the funny but missed the nugget – an intuition that I have wrapped it up before really cultivating it to the fullest potential. Another way I know is because I see the other comedians who have found their nuggets. I can see their jokes being on a higher level than mine. Sure, I may have found the funny. But they found the funnier.

Think you may have this problem too? Here are some signs that you are stopping too soon:

 You just know it. You have this feeling that you settled for whatever came to you first.

 The joke gets a weak laugh from your audience and you know the concept is funnier than that. You also know that it's too funny to throw it away.

 When you compare your jokes to other comedians' jokes, they fall short.

 Your joke topics fall into that common area shared by other comedians. There is nothing really unique about your joke.

 When you wrote it and came back three days later it wasn't so funny anymore.

 You hear three other people tell pretty much the same joke.

These are just a few signs and I'm thinking if you need any more signs than that I'm not going to be able to convince you in this article.

Okay, so we have a problem? How do we fix it? How do we keep going with our joke? How do we take a joke to the next level? Here is what I've come up with based on my written research, advice from colleagues, and a little soul searching.

 Let your audiences help you. If your jokes are funny enough to use, go ahead and start using them. Then let your audiences tell you what needs to be fixed. This takes time but it works. If I take the time to mingle with my audience after a show, quite often they will come up and tell me ways to improve my jokes, or things that they thought of to add to the joke. I don't take it personally. I've gotten some of my best jokes that way. Let your audiences work for you.

 Walk around it like a crab. Carry the joke idea in your mind for a while. Chew on it, as my uncle Skeeter would say. I usually carry a story idea around in my head for several weeks. Without even being intentional about it, new ideas will come to me until the story idea is much better than if I'd written it when it first came to me.

 Brain Map it. You probably already know what this is, but in case you don't, it's the process of picking your topic apart and finding all related topics. You let your mind go and as you come up with each tangent turn around and find a related topic to that. For example, if your topic is parenting, you would come up with things like childbirth, discipline, toys, potty training, etc. Now you can take those topics and find topics to spin off of them. For example, childbirth could result in: the epidural, what if men had babies, the pictures, who has the worst birthing story, etc. And you can keep going and going and going. You can turn who has the worst birthing story into a competition at a cookout. I have used this process to turn a handful of jokes into a twenty-minute show or a short story. The key here is to let your mind go. Don't look for the funny. Just write.

 Play What-If. Take your topic and ask yourself, What if ….happened? Or what if ….happened? Or what about if …. happened? The key here is to think of unusual things that could happen in your topic. Let's say parenting is your topic. You brain map it and get on the subject of how easy it is to become a parent. What if you had to have a license to be a parent? What if parents could get their licenses revoked? What if you could get your license revoked for doing stupid stuff to embarrass your kids – like wearing black socks and sandals to the beach. What if kids could divorce their parents? Wasn't there a movie about that?

 Insert a Conflict. Things get so much more interesting when a conflict is added to the picture. And how about a second one? And another one? This is the fuel for a good sitcom episode. One mishap is funny. Two is funnier. Three is hilarious.

 What led up to this? Think of what led up to your conflict – the motivations that led to that chain of events.

 Apply other characters and perspectives to your scenarios. What if this happened to someone else? Like the football coach? Or your Sunday school teacher? How would other people see it – people of different ages or cultural backgrounds? You will reach a whole new level of funny if you start running your comedy through the filter of different personalities – especially quirky personalities.

 What and who is going to fix the problem? How could our problem be fixed? Who would do it? What would it look like?

 If it's like this now, what will it be like in the future? Here's a good trigger to get your mind into the process of exaggerating your concept and suspending disbelief.

 What if this happened to me? How would I react?

 Can I relate this to something that is otherwise totally unrelated? Like a lizard with a British accent who sells insurance on commercials.

 Pick up your comedy bit and drop it into another setting. Like kindergarten, a nursing home, Russia, the ghetto, Sunday school, a zoo, etc.

 Swap out animals instead of people.

 Compare out-of-this world to of-this world. Comparing the supernatural to the super normal. Angels and Wal-Mart.

 Group Story. This only works with a group, duh. Start with one person who starts a story. Each person adds on to the story – word by word – or sentence by sentence – until you get to the last person. Good exercise in just seeing what comes out. I heard this is how the GEICO gecko came about.

 Look at the flip side / opposite.

 Can you add dialogue? Act out some conversations as they apply to your topic.

 Weird, Hard, Scary, Stupid. Just in case you've been living in a cave and haven't heard them, these are the four attitude words you apply to your joke. What's weird, hard, scary, or stupid about your topic? Have you tested each word with your topic?

 How are your act outs? Have you looked at how facial gestures and expressions could add to the humor? Sometimes you can get an extra laugh without saying a word.

 Could you write a song about your topic? How would it go?

 How would reporters report about it?

 What would the liberals say about it? The Republicans? Other Movie Stars?

 Have you cut out every unnecessary word?

There you have it. Surely something in here will trigger you to take your joke to the next level. Remember that it takes a lot of writing to come up with something good. And maybe your joke is already as good as it can be. Great. Move on to something else.

I understand that some of these tips will not apply to the joke you are currently working on. But some will. And understand that these are not formulas for writing jokes, they are exercises to get your creative juices kicked up to the next level. By the way, if you have more helpful tips on how to take your joke to the next level, please let me know.

Happy writing!

Humor – Taking the Joke to the Next Level
How to cross over from funny to genius
Part Four in a Four Part Series on Humor
By Kelly Swanson

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Friday, May 11, 2007

The Top 5 Types of Losers On the Internet

If you're trying to build your network on your favorite social network, there are some common type of people out there you should try to distance yourself from. Here are the worst of the worst types of losers on the internet, in my own opinion.

5. The E-Thug

You've all seen this guy. He's the one with a picture of one of his tattoos, guns, or drug money stacks on his profile. His whole profile screams "I want to be gangsta!" with his horrible spelling and terrible abbreviations. This guy is probably logging on from his local penitentiary's recreation room.

4. The Fake Baller

Not to be confused with the E-Thug, the fake baller also embellishes his profile with material objects. However this guy doesn't want to be confused with a thug, he wants you to think he has money out the ying yang as if he did sell drugs. This guy has pictures of watches, cars, and shoes on his profile that he undoubtedly doesn't have. Even if he does have it; it's fake.

3. The Underground Musician

We all have this one on our profile, the struggling artist begging us to listen to that noise he calls music on his page. This guy clearly has no job, because how else would he have the time to spam your page 800 times a day announcing his "NEW TRACKS"?!

2. The Pretty Boy

This guy is more into himself than women, and decided to upload a shrine dedicated to himself on his profile. Ok… we know you work out, put a shirt on! No one wants to see your pecs on their buddy list.

1. The Spammer

We ALL have suffered this loser's wrath and he is without a shadow of a doubt, the worst of the worst on the internet. This guy is trying to sell you Viagra and ringtones around every corner. Why are YOU worried about MY blood flow?! I don't need that crap your trying to sell, Im cool!

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Sleep Is Creepy!

I recently read an article about a British study that purported to reveal a link between the position a person adopts while sleeping, and their personality. The piece was accompanied by drawings of sleeping men and women in cartoon pajamas. They were curled up in little balls, stretched out like a hippie jumping off a cliff in a Mountain Dew commercial -- and everything in between.

The whole thing triggered a full-body shiver.

There's no way to get around it: sleep is creepy. It's not something I talk about in mixed company, because I'm seemingly alone in these beliefs, but I've always felt this way. I remember being a kid and becoming slightly uncomfortable whenever they showed people in bed on Little House on the Prairie, preparing to turn themselves over to an eight-hour mini­coma (on the prairie). I'm sorry, but the widely accepted nightly ritual of climbing atop an elevated platform and assuming a state of insect-like dormancy is disturbing to me.

The fact that otherwise bright and energetic people willingly allow themselves to become drooling vegetables at the end of each day, feels like a failure. We, as superior animals, should be above such base requirements by now. It's clear that we aren't yet fully evolved, and are nothing more than glorified praying mantises, walking around with delusions of grandeur. Every night, as I climb aboard my raised dormancy platform, I sigh with resignation, feeling like a monkey in pants.

And have you ever seen a person sleeping? They look like idiots. I have no doubt that Albert Einstein himself resembled Gomer Pyle in a gas leak, while drifting off to sleep. As I put a fresh pillow case on my pillow every six months or so, I see the stains there, created by excess saliva that rolled out of my mouth during my nightly transformation into a lobotomized fool, and I feel shame.

This is no way to live, people.

In addition to all the time wasted to voluntary loss of consciousness, I worry that one of these days I'll go in too deep, and won't be able to pull out on the other side. Sleep is Death Lite, and playing chicken with the grim reaper is, I think, ill-advised. Yet we do it every day. So far I've won every contest, but the odds keep getting longer and longer. It's Russian roulette beneath a fluffy comforter.

Most of us seem to be cocky about it, absolutely sure we'll wake up in the morning, but I know better. Tonight could very well be the night that I'm drawn to the light. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take...

And the fact that sleep is not only accepted by society, but also celebrated, concerns me. We should be working at correcting this abnormality. Instead, we continue building homes equipped with special rooms (chambers) in which to assume our freakish science-fiction state of suspended animation, complete with fancy hand-carved hibernation stands.

"How big's your new house?" "Oh, not too big. It has four dormancy chambers, and two waste-elimination alcoves."

We also frequent places of business, like Bed, Bath and Beyond, where one can purchase a whole myriad of frilly, scented dormancy supplies. Dr. Phil might call it "enabling." If we had a grotesque dangling mole on our faces, we'd have it removed, not drive across town to purchase an imported mole cozy. Why are we not seriously endeavoring to eliminate our reliance on the sleep abomination?

Don't even get me started on dreams. When somebody begins a sentence with, "Oh man, I had the weirdest dream last night..." I head for the exit. Thank you for your desire to share, but the bizarre misfirings of your nocturnal brain waves frighten me. You say you were playing Jarts in a jock strap with Willie Mays and Mel from Alice? Well, that's simply excellent.

My wife loves to sleep; she views it as a refuge. She actually looks forward to it, which I find slightly insulting. I'm just the opposite, of course. I put it off as long as possible, and curse its talent for robbing me of one-third of my precious life. Escape can be had with beer and DVDs which, I believe, is highly preferable to wallowing around in heavy fabrics, three feet above the floor. When I finally give in to sleep's evil come-ons, it feels like defeat. Why, if I had an extra seven or eight hours per day, I could rule the world. Or at least watch a shitload of television.

Through history there have been many visionaries who've attempted to circumvent sleep, including Thomas Edison and Kramer, but we generally just accept it as a fact of life. What we need is something that will allow us to stay awake all the time, preferably in an easy-to-swallow tablet, with no adverse physical consequences.

I seem to remember reading a piece on the Internet a while ago, about a half-assed military experiment along those lines. For some reason they want soldiers to be able to stay awake for a week at a time, which seems a tad cruel. But once they get all the bugs worked out, by testing it on gullible college students and whatnot, I'd be interested in getting in on the deal -- far away from the battlefield, of course. It would be like having your weeks Super-Sized.

In the meantime, though, I guess I have no choice but to play along and do my time atop the platform. I do so under protest, however; I want that to be noted.

And in case you're interested, the sleep position I usually adopt is called The Yearner in the British study I mentioned. "People who sleep on their side with both arms out in front are said to have an open nature, but can be suspicious, cynical. They are slow to make up their minds, but once they have taken a decision, they are unlikely ever to change it."

You got that right, bucko. And that's why I'm writing this at 4 a.m.

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