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Friday, February 29, 2008

Medifast For Teens Or Kids? My Modified Version That Has Worked

Let me let on right upfront that I am not a doctor, but I have got lost almost 50 lbs on medifast. A couple of calendar months ago, I was approached by a coworker who had three pretty corpulence children, who frankly were approaching being obese. After seeing my results, and noticing that I'd been able to eat bite type foods, my coworker wanted to cognize if medifast could work for her children and her adolescent daughter.

There's not much information available on using the medifast diet on children or teens and I knew that children are still growing so it probably was not a good thought to severely curtail or restrict their calories. But I also knew that some of this diet's nutrients are very carb and bite like, and I knew that she was having problem controlling the bites that her children ate. In particular, the children were very affectionate of debris nutrients and candy.

A visible light bulb went off in my head. I figured maybe we could begin with just encouraging the children to eat a medifast bar, pudding or shingle when they reached for a debris nutrient snack. In essence, we were trading the high sugar, high gram calorie candy parallel bars and fast nutrients for something equivalent from the diet's offerings. Since these children snacked respective modern times per day, we were saving a batch of calories this way. Initially, we left their regular repasts alone, just using medifast as bite substitutes. We ordered one assortment bundle (and are getting ready to tell another) and this lasted us a good while and was not much more than expensive than debris food.

The children handled this pretty well. Luckily, most of the medifast bite nutrients are really good, so it was not a large stretch to eat a protein barroom rather than a candy barroom or medifast pudding or crackers rather than chips. We always made certain we took the nutrient out of the negligee so they didn't have got to walk around advertisement they were eating diet foods.

The children started to see some consequences after lone a few weeks. As their enthusiasm increased even more, we decided to see if we could replace more than than of their day-to-day empty calories with medifast. However, we were very careful not to curtail their calories or nutrient choices. Basically, we added one medifast component at every repast and had them eat that in improver to and before their regular meal.

For case for breakfast we would offer them medifast burgoo or eggs to start. They would eat that and then if they were still hungry they could eat their regular sugary cereal grass breakfast if they wanted. For lunch, they'd have got the diet's soup or chili con carne before they dove into the pizza pie or burgers. (We'd pack this in a thermos bottle so no 1 knew they were eating diet food.) And we started preparing thin and greenish repasts for dinner. We still allow them eat a spot of their regular favourite nutrients at dinner, but just not nearly as much.

What we hoped would go on did. The children got filled up on medifast so they didn't eat as much of their debris and low quality nutrients and they go on to see really dramatic results. The teen is now able to ego modulate what she eats and have cut out a batch of junk. We still don't let them to trust solely on the diet for their calories. That may be too drastic for kids, but the teen in peculiar is now making really good picks with the nutrient that she eats in improver to medifast.

I believe the ground this worked is because the medifast bite nutrients are really dainty and child friendly and we never restricted what the children ate. We never told them they couldn't have got anything. We just had them eat medifast first. We were adding nutrient instead of taking it away, but by doing this, they were actually eating less bad nutrients because they were filling up on medifast.

I would never advocator replacing medifast for a child or teen's entire caloric intake. However, in this case, substituting the diet's nutrients for debris nutrient bites or mediocre nutrient picks have been quite effectual and much easier than I thought. My coworker is very thankful and is now on medifast herself.

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