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Saturday, March 29, 2008

10 Ways to Tell You're Getting Older

A amusing thing happened to me when I turned forty. I noticed hair growing out of my ears. At first, I didn't pay much attending to it, but as the hebdomads went by, it began looking like spiders were trying to creep into my head.

With much resistance, I decided to pare the hair with a little brace of scissors, but it kept growing back, thicker and darker. Thoughts of hiring a professional lawn service to keep this unsightly growing came to mind. Then person suggested "electrolysis." (From the Grecian "electro" significance some kind of electricity and "trolysis" significance hurting like hell.) This was not an option I wanted to explore.

So, I've decided to chalk it up to getting older. Let's human face it, no 1 desires to acknowledge that they are getting old, so I've adopted the new phrase "getting older". Getting old sounds so cold and rigid, but no 1 can deny that we are getting older. Getting aged just have a nicer more than appreciated quality about it.

So, how makes one cognize if they are getting old(er)? Here are 10 certain fire ways:

1. You're spending more than and more clip in the Clairol aisle.

2. You maintain flipping through the channels looking for Lawrence Welk.

3. You got your last monocle prescription from the Erythroxylon Coca Genus Cola Bottling Company.

4. Seventy per cent of your conversation includes you shouting the word "What?!!!

5. You believe the new up and coming amusing is Shecky Greene.

6. Drug maltreatment intends taking two stool softeners.

7. You've spent five proceedings standing in the kitchen trying to retrieve what you went in there for.

8. Those Depends commercial messages have got been catching your eye.

9. Your closet includes either achromatic shoes, achromatic belt, or both.

10. Getting up three modern times a nighttime no longer have to make with sex.

I trust this helps. Base On Balls this on to five of your friends, or household members that you experience are getting old(er). Iodine cognize I am, passing this on, that is, if lone I can retrieve their names.

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