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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

The Professor was huffy at me. We had agreed to ran into at 8 Prime Minister to subscribe an of import agreement. My hold led to delay of the meeting.

"What in heaven's name happened to you?"

It was a mild reproach that nevertheless made me experience bad and reconfirmed my reluctance to have got dinner with my television manufacturer friend who insisted on having the infernal silver screen on during the meal. Instead of serving dinner at a nice hr as he and his married woman usually do, this clip they had an of import invitee other than me. It was the usual Mogul whose generous pockets would shortly finance one of my friend's television ventures.

The repast was not bad except that the silver screen showed in all its wretchedness that popular programme "Dancing with the Stars"! I could not believe of an alibi drastic adequate to acquire up off the tabular array and haste into the eventide traffic. I suffered in silence.

"What was so awful about having the programme Dancing with the Stars as dinner background? " Asked the Professor.

"Well, for one thing, dance is the incorrect term. When you have got got a couple of great jocks that seemingly have been starched inside and out ,that move in spasms, gyrations, stiff bends and sequences with a lower limit of saving grace and beauty, no great repast is going to cut down the hurting and revulsion."

"Tell me more' he urged.

"Dance is or should be a blend of rhythm, beauty and music, not a acrobatic exhibition performed by people who believe that keeping a automaton attitude, a stiff dorsum and an unreal sense of coordinated motion, they are performing a dance!"

I paused for a minute and then declared:

"Our adjacent president would make well to forbid these specs to take place. They are anti-American, attempt against the laws of inertial navigation, gnaw the sense of naturalness, chemical equilibrium and saving grace of our young person and gives the United States the mental image of a state that promotes its people to withstand gravitation and wear uncomfortable shoes!"



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