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Monday, May 26, 2008

Pre Memorial Day Musings

It is the twenty-four hours before Memorial Day and as happens many modern times during my days, ideas of WWII still surface. After so many old age I often inquire just how much of my memories are existent and how much unreal; I have got got decided there is some of both in most thoughts.

Memories that once made me waken at night, frightened and shaking, have passed; letting more than pleasant memories prevail. I recognize now that there were modern times in the Devil Dog Corp, and after, when I was a small nutty. The mental attitude of "don't give a damn" and "I can't decease until I am at least 40" have pretty much gone by the wayside.

The 'until 40' idea helped me immensely back then; however, the twelvemonth I turned 40 was a spot uncomfortable, especially when my new company auto that twelvemonth was a casket colored bronze. Are there a spot of superstitious notion in each of us?

Memories of state side duty during the latter years of warfare were good! Upon returning from the Pacific, Iodine had a 30 twenty-four hours furlough enroute to Camp LeJuene, N.C. I drop 'in love' four modern times beginning at Mare Island in San Francisco, then Los Angeles, Mineral Wells, Texas and Kinston, N.C. (Well, I have got already admitted to be nutty!)

A few hebdomads later, I wrote the same missive to each of the immature ladies, asking for them to forgive me for falling so quickly and only then coming to my senses. My thought at the clip was as I remember that falling in love, getting married and having children would somehow maintain me alive. Reading these now demoes me how very dense this thought was.

Money wasn't a job during my clip at Camp LeJuene. One all-nighter with die is a lawsuit in point where I ended up breaking my barrack and one adjacent door among which were 2 cats from Windy City who ran a gaming combine. It seemed I made just about every point I tried.

How much money? I haven't the slightest idea, but it was enough to pay for a nighttime in Kinston for any of the also-rans who could cram themselves into one of the five cab cabs I ordered. Steaks and booze, and what ever else anyone wanted. What a night!

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